"Startup activity rose in 2015, reversing a five-year downward trend in the United States, giving rise to hope for a revival of entrepreneurship."

-The Kaufman Index                            

Many of today's successful companies were not in existence 10-15 years ago. These companies are comprised of innovative entrepreneurs looking to create lean business empires that are competitive and far reaching.

​We provide business  services to assist in the growth and stability of your organization. Our business expertise can be used to provide direct services to your clients, assist in the preparation of business documents, and even work to support your company's sustainability.

Business Start-Up Services
 Working with you to bring your business vision and concept to fruition

Administrative Services 
Assisting in the daily business support of your company.

Business Writing
Helping you define your business' mission, goals, and plan on paper.

Grants Management
Working collaboratively with your organization in the non-profit sector to secure funds and manage objectives and deliverables

"ALLIA's business services are about providing customized results to suit our clients’ individual needs. Simple as that."

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Business Services